College Admission Information

College Admission Information

Colleges have a wide range of admission requirements. It is advisable to check with the college of the student’s choice for specific requirements. However, the general guidelines for a college preparatory program consist of four years of English, four years of mathematics, four years of science (including three years in lab science: biology, chemistry, and physics), three years of social studies, and two-to-four years of the same world language.

Students interested in attending highly selective colleges should take the most advanced courses available. It is essential to check with the individual college about admission requirements. This information is available in Naviance and online.

Testing required by colleges includes SAT or ACT tests. While many colleges are currently test-optional, in many cases, colleges are test aware. The college counselors still recommend testing for college-bound students.

The college counselors assist students in finding appropriate college options. We advise students to apply to a variety of colleges to ensure they have adequate options when they make their final choices. Students should be realistic in assessing their own abilities, interests, and motivation and choose courses and colleges accordingly. 

Earning College Credit in High School

Through Advanced Placement (AP), students can study at the college level in high school and earn college advanced placement and/or credit. AHA offers the following AP classes:

Science: Biology*, Chemistry*, Physics I, Physics II, Anatomy and Physiology*
English: Language & Composition*, Literature & Composition*
Social Studies: US History*, US Government & Politics, Psychology
Math: Calculus AB and BC*, Statistics*
World Language: Spanish Language*
Fine Arts: AP Studio Art (3D), AP Studio Art (2D),
AP Studio Art (Draw)
Technology: AP Computer Science

AP credit is available through testing in German IV*, French IV* and Comparative Government

*In addition, college credit is available through St. Mary’s University of Minnesota PACC Program for starred AP courses, including Anatomy and Physiology, and for Spanish IV. 

College and Career Planning Seminar

AHA requires a planning seminar (for one school day) to help juniors make informed decisions regarding their future educational and career plans. Each student will complete a portfolio of work which will include a completed college application, an extra curricular resume, a college search assignment, a college essay, and a job shadow or interview. This portfolio will be noted on the student transcripts as complete or incomplete. 

Special Recommendations

Business Major:

– 4 years of mathematics

Engineering Major:

– 4 years of mathematics
– 4 years of science (including 1 year each of biology, chemistry, and physics)
– Consider AP computer science, architectural model building, and computer aided design (CAD)

Health Careers:

– 4 years of mathematics
– 4 years of science (including 1 year each of biology, chemistry and physics)
– Consider anatomy and physiology

Most Majors

– 4 years of mathematics, science, English, and three years of social studies
– 2+ years of world language

Criteria colleges consider in making admission decisions:

  • Rigor of student coursework
  • High school grade point average (GPA)
  • Essays/Personal Statements
  • Recommendation letters from teachers/counselor
  • Involvement in co-curricular activities
  • Scores on college admission tests (ACT or SAT)

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