World Language

World Language

World Language Department Philosophy

Our world has become smaller due to expanded communications and increased global travel and business opportunities. As a society, we need to realize that knowledge of a second language and an understanding of other cultures are vital in today’s world. Students need to be prepared to become active citizens of the global community. Learning languages provides a valuable business and educational tool, practical advantages and the lifelong value of understanding a second language and its cultures.

Since students who learn a world language are college-bound, we believe in equipping them with the language skills necessary to succeed in intermediate or upper-level college courses or to fulfill their world language requirement by passing a proficiency test. Therefore, we recommend that a student take two to three years, preferably four years, of a language.

Department Learner Outcomes

  • Students will be able to communicate in the four modalities of language (listening, reading, speaking and writing) at the correct level of proficiency for their level of study
  • Students will come to an understanding and an appreciation of the cultures of the target language
  • Students will come to a better understanding of their own language and culture through comparison
  • Students will be exposed to the culture and peoples through travel, field trips and guest speakers
  • See Program of Studies for complete world language curriculum


Sarah Wicklund, Department Chair, German and Spanish

Katy Eiden, Spanish

Caroline Grabow, Spanish

Liliana Orsi, Spanish

Jean Luc Roche, French

LJ You, Chinese



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