Service Highlights

Service and Faith Highlights

Seniors on the AHA Campus Ministry Team serve regularly at sites around Richfield and the greater Twin Cities community. Here are a few stories from their service experience at these sites and beyond.

Blessed Trinity Catholic School

If you walk into the library of Blessed Trinity Catholic School on certain days after school, you might see me, a student from the Academy of Holy Angels, mixed in with fifteen or so BT students.  When I walk through the library entrance, the homework room monitor looks up from her computer, smiles, and greets me with a friendly,“Good Afternoon.” Then I look to my right  and pick up the list of students I will be tutoring for the next half hour. I scan the room of five wooden tables surrounded by 3 walls of books. Continue reading.

People Serving People

A building with a small parking lot, a bike rack, and a playground with a fence around it. Young kids riding bikes and scooters, kids playing at the playground, kids getting off school buses, cars honking, and people yelling. This is the scene every Tuesday when I arrive at People Serving People to volunteer.  Continue reading.

Every Sunday morning at 7:15 am, I enter People Serving People and am greeted by the security guard while I check in.  I then walk down to the serving kitchen where I am greeted by the cooking staff with a cheery “good morning, Tristan”, and slowly the other volunteers come in and we get our hairnets, aprons, and gloves on as we wait for the families to start coming through the line.  Usually when I go, I either help with scooping cereal or filling up drinks.  Scooping cereal allows me to greet every family as they come in and hear their grateful “thank you”s as they leave, and serving drinks allows me to interact with those who want coffee or help the little kids who cannot reach high enough the grab the juice. Continue reading.

Good in the Hood

In November, I had the opportunity to meet a lady that allowed me to see into the difficult world of struggling with money and hunger. This woman,  Kadie, had come to Good in the Hood for the first time, so she seemed very uncomfortable. I had the opportunity to sit down and hear her story of how she ended up at this very special organization. She was 22 years old and already married, living in a small apartment with her husband. Her husband had just recently lost his job, so he had to start working nights at FedEx to supplement her income. She and her husband rarely got to see each other because she worked during the day at her serving job and he worked at night.  Continue Reading

Richfield Middle School

Because we have a total of 15 minutes from when school ends to get to our service site, I had to hurry out of 7th hour. Once I got to the the Middle School, I walked through a big crowd of kids socializing while they waited for the bus. I made my way into the media center and was stunned. Before conferences we had maybe 8-10 kids at most, filling maybe three tables. This time they were all full. Parent teacher conferences had just happened and some students were now required to attend tutoring because of failing grades or copious amounts of missing work. Continue Reading

"Good afternoon!" chimes the lady at the security desk as I walk into the building. Inside, everything seems slightly smaller; the drinking fountains and table tops are lower, the chairs are smaller. The walls and floors are covered with values and encouragements such as respect or determination. The most memorable is "Conocimiento es poder," which translates to "Knowledge is power." The building is Richfield Middle School, where I will spend the next hour tutoring struggling students. Continue Reading

People Serving People

Since I have entered high school, volunteer work has become one of the main aspects of my life. With two week-long mission trips headlining my past two summers and this upcoming summer, as well as service every Saturday at People Serving People, volunteering has clearly begun to impact my life. Prior to attending AHA, I occasionally volunteered at various organizations around the Eagan area. However, since my first day at AHA, I began adjusting to a community centered on volunteering and helping others. Continue Reading


The snowflakes were huge. I walked through the front garage of Bridging and pulled my hood tighter as the flakes hit my face. I looked out towards the endless line of U-Haul trucks lined up so far that they curved around the whole Bridging parking lot. I knew this was going to be a big day for Bridging. We would unload all the trucks full of donations consisting of furniture, clothes, appliances, and many other large necessities that would stock the warehouse with items many families need. I grabbed my gloves and patted my friend Ryan on the back as we lifted a sofa out of the truck and then carried it into the warehouse. Continue Reading

Dorothy Day

It is after school on a Friday afternoon, and the Dorothy Day crew and I are at the nearest Cub Foods.  We are buying food for tomorrow morning’s breakfast at the Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul.  We shop for 200 people, buying an extreme amount of pancake mix, sausage patties, hash browns, and juice.  The next morning I am up at 6:00 am, I grab my hat (a Dorothy Day requirement) and I am out the door.  Upon arriving at Dorothy Day, the team and I gather all of the food and bring it in to the massive kitchen. We get the ovens and grills going, and we begin to prepare a glorious Saturday morning breakfast.  I am always on pancake duty, making over 600 pancakes.  We make sure the food is extra delicious for the people coming in to eat it.  At 9:00 am, over 200 people fill the doors of the Dorothy Day center as we hand out trays of our freshly made food. Continue Reading

Feed My Starving Children

Ever since I was little I have loved M&Ms. They were my favorite candy to get at Halloween and I would love when my mom would let me get a pack at the grocery store. When I was 9, I went to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) for the first time. I don’t remember much from this event other than the tubes of mini M&Ms they sold. I begged my mom to let me get a tube and she explained to me that she would let me, but that these M&Ms weren’t like normal M&Ms because at FMSC we are asked to bring back the tube filled with quarters once we finished our M&Ms. Continue Reading

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