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Due to the closings on January 6, 7, and 22, we will have a full day of instruction on Friday, March 7, rather than an E schedule.  And due to closing today, Monday, January 27, we will have school on Monday, April 21 following Easter.

2013-14 AHA School Year Calendar in pdf form

2014-15 AHA School Year Calendar in pdf.form


Here's a brief look at the major dates in the 2013-14 school calendar:


Aug. 26                                 First Day of School
Sept. 2                                  No school – Labor day
Oct. 17-21                            No school– MEA break
Nov. 18                                 No school– Tri 1 grading day
Nov. 27 – 29                        No school– Thanksgiving break
Dec. 23 - Jan 3                    No school– Christmas break
Jan. 20                                  No school– MLK Jr. Day
Feb. 14-17                           No school– President’s Day
Mar. 3                                   No school– Tri 2 grading day
Mar. 24-28                          No school – Spring break
Apr.  17-18                          No school– Easter break

April 21                               School in session as make up for cancelled days
May 26                                 No school– Memorial day
June  8                                  Graduation

Can't tell the difference between an "A" schedule and an "E" schedule? Here's an outline.